Upcoming Meeting:  

Our next meeting will be Saturday, September 8.  

Agenda:  9:00-9:30 – Questions and answers.  Guru Rick Thues plans to be present!

9:30-10:15 – SMOG general meeting with a possible vote on a Board resolution.

At our last meeting, we discussed the loss of our meeting room and Program VP and reached the conclusion that we would have to have solutions for both of these issues by our next meeting. If solutions cannot be found, the Board will present a resolution to dissolve the organization for the members present to vote upon. If you have any questions about this process or the resolution, you are welcome to contact the SMOG President, Pete Kallinger, at (951) 522-4556 or pkallinger@me.com

10:15-10:30 - Break

10:30-11:45 - Program:  iMovie Training, part 2.  We will finish watching a training video featuring Colin Marks on the subject of The Complete iMovie Course – Part 2.  Learn how to use the iMovie program on your Mac to create videos that can include video clips from your phone or tablet, still photographs, music, titles, et.al. This is great for making a short video to show at a birthday party or to post online. iMovie is an app that you already have or can download from the App Store, and one that every Mac owner needs to learn how to use.

Our meeting address is 3555 Harbor Gateway South, Suite B, Costa Mesa 92626.  See our Meeting Location page for driving directions to the new location.

Remember, SMOG gathers every second Saturday morning of the month, from 9 A.M. until noon. For more information send us an email by clicking here. We normally begin our meetings with a Question and Answer session from 9 to 10 A.M., where there are no bad questions and lots of helpful answers. Immediately afterward, from 10 A.M. to noon, we hold our general meeting and the monthly presentation. Arrive early for best seating at the next meeting.

Past meetings:

August 2018:  We viewed the first part of a training video on iMovie.

July 2018:  Our speaker was Tom Mills on the topic of GET ORGANIZED For Crying out loud.

June 2018:  Our speaker was Lynette Kent, whose topic was "A BackUP Plan for the Digital Era."  Lynette presented her own backup regimen which includes 3 backups of everything, including one backup on a bootable medium so that she can boot her Mac from that disk in the eent tht her Mac disk completely melts down.  She discussed G-Technology drives as her backup medium of choice and showed one drive that had a solid state drive (SSD) which combines great speed with super reliability.  She discussed several backu solutions including Carbon Copy Cloner, Super-Duper, ChronoSync and others.  It was an informative and lively session.

May 2018:  Our own Peter Kallinger spoke on "Personal Finance Software:  Why should we have it...what are the differences." Peter has used Quicken, Mint and iBank (now Banktivity) in the past and present, and spent time discussing and showing the differences between them.  His presentation also recommended 5 "must-use" websites for investing/personal finance information.

April 2018:  Meeting cancelled.

March 2018:  iMentor Rick Thues talked about "Living in the Cloud"

February 2018: The meeting topic was "iPhone and iPad: Tips, Tricks and Apps We Couldn't Live Without."  Everyone was asked to bring their iPhones and iPads, and we let the attendees display their devices on the Apple TV, show us some tips they have learned and demonstrate their 3 or 4 most important apps.

January 2018:  The topic for our January 13 meeting was "Networking for People Who Are Not Fascinated by Networking."  Our own Tom Mills explained the basics of networking for the non-network guru. You can download a PDF of the information covered in the meeting by clicking here.

December 2017:  We showed some online tutorial sites that we will either use at future meeting, or that members can use to learn and keep up with software and hardware information. Check out Apple's new YouTube Tutorial Channel - Patently Apple. See more at Apple Support - YouTube. In addition, our December 9 meeting included an all-important General Meeting.

November 2017: Our meeting dealt with organizational business and the future direction of the SMOG group.

October 2017: Our presenter, Susie Stockholm, was unable to attend our meeting, but is rescheduled for our December 9 meeting. Our meeting thus became an extended Q & A, with much useful information disseminated.

August 2017:  Our August 12 presenter was Adam Christianson (The MacCast⇒About Adam), creator and host of The MacCast.  He showed us the in's and out's of using Apple's Photos application on our Macs and Apple iDevices.

July 2017:  Allison Sheridan gave a presentation about Affinity Photo - Professional photo editing for iPad, and she also presented Podfeet Podcasts - A Technology Geek Podcast with an EVER-so-slight Macintosh Bias!

June 2017:  Our own SMOGguru, Ricky Rodriguez, showed us "How to make one computer into four," so that we could use old stuff, such as Appleworks, on new computers.

May 2017:  Adam Christianson's presentation on the in's and out's of using Apple's Photos application on our Macs and Apple devices has been rescheduled for an upcoming meeting.

April 2017:  Our presenter was SMOGgie and former Apple employee Jolyon Druce showing tips he has learned about how best to rip CDs that you own into your iTunes Library. He showed an alternative to iTunes to keep your music collection separate from videos, podcasts and everything else in iTunes.

March 2017:  Esteemed MacOS server expert, Todd Olthoff,gave us an informative and entertaining look at an aspect of Apple computing that we haven't considered before.  Todd has two websites, www.toddolthoff.com/blog and www.toddolthoff.com/technology.

February 2017: Our own Devin King gave a wonderful presentation on "Utilities: Steroids for macOS to show us how to pump up our Macs and applications for greater power and efficiency."

January 2017: Our January 14 presentation featured SMOG host Russell Poucher who talked to us about cyber security awareness.   We learned about security threats:  what they are, how they work, and what we can do to minimize them.  

December 2016:  The meeting was cancelled.

November 2016:  Adam Christianson of MacCast spoke about the new features of iOS 10 and macOS Sierra.  It was an informative and useful meeting!

October 2016:  Our own Rick Thues spoke on the topic of "Working Together."  He talked about the history of computing, how it has evolved over the years, and how we work together as a team to accomplish goals.

September 2016:  We celebrated our 25th anniversary in grand style!  We started with a Question and Answer period, as we always do, but this time the gurus asked the questions and members won prizes for correct answers.  Very interesting Apple trivia questions were posed, and the answers were very often accurately given by members.  Following a short break, our featured speaker, Joe Kissell spoke about "The Future of Macs in a Post-PC World."  Thank you, Joe, for a most illuminating talk!

After the talk, we enjoyed a delicious lunch. A great time was had by all!

August 2016: We hosted Bob "Dr. Mac" Levitus at our August meeting. His topic was, "Working Smarter for Mac Users." Here is just a sampling from his resumé:  

Bob Levitus, often referred to as "Dr. Mac," is a leading authority on the Macintosh, Mac OS X, and other Apple products such as iPads and iPhones. One of the Apple community's most trusted gurus for over twenty-five years, he's known for his trademark humorous style and unerring ability to translate "techie" jargon into usable and fun advice for regular folks. A prolific author, LeVitus has written or co-written more than 75 popular computer books, with over two million copies sold worldwide in at least a dozen languages. His recent titles include: iPad For Dummies 8th Edition, iPhone for Dummies 9th Edition, OX X El Capitan For Dummies, and Microsoft Office 2011 For Mac For Dummies, all for Wiley Publishing.

July 2016: Our own Elaine Stannard told all: How the SMOG|alert happens, OR how to create a weekly newsletter while still having a life. Elaine showed us how to create templates, text styles, and other ways to produce your own newsletters, family posts and blogs without tears (most of the time), as well as the bulk email app that allows her to address each email as if it were only to you, rather than listing all our 75+/ members addresses or sending the email as a blind copy.

June 2016: Deborah Shadovitz appeared in person and offered her best tips for traveling with technology. Lots of innovative gadgets and software were shown and demonstrated.

May 2016:  Adam Christanson (The MacCast≫About Adam), creator and host of The MacCast, showed us how to "Push iOS to the next level: 10 or so quick tips that extend ios."

April 2016: SMOG favorite Allison Sheridan of Nosillacast spoke about about her favorite photography apps for OS X and iOS. She explained and demonstrated great apps and techniques in Photos on her Mac.

March 2016: Adam Engst of TidBITS and Take Control eBooks and Chuck Joiner of MacVoices. spoke on "Essential iOS Apps," a topic that many of you asked for when SMOG President Peter Kallinger asked for attendees’ input at the January meeting. Click here to see the video.

February 2016: Our one and only super-smart SMOGguru, iMentor Rick Thues, demonstrated his five favorite and most-used applications.  He covered security on the web, in your email, and other digital activities.

January 2016: Ricky Rodriguez, our very own professional computer consultant from Ventura,  spoke on computer security - and what you should be doing to insure that you and your computer, your iPad, and your iPhone are secure.

December 2015: SMOGgie Susie Stockholm showed us all how to create art with an iPad.  Imagine finger-painting - but without the mess. You can learn more at Susie’s web site: Art by Susie Stockholm | iPad Art & other Abstractions!

November 2015: Our own Mac expert, Devin King, explained the new and different features of El Capitan.

October 2015: Joe Kissell - in person- presented to us! Joe is of the most prolific tech writers about everything Apple. Just click on the subheads at Publications & Publicity | Joe Kissell for his Take Control (digital) guides and his Joe on Tech Guides in hard copy.

September 2015: Dr. Robert Carter of the Tech Doctor Blog and Podcast at dr-carter.com spoke on upgrading to the new OS X and iOS. He included backup strategies as well.

August 2015: SMOGgie and Mac video creator Stuart Borden, showed us the little-known gems in the Yosemite operating system (OS 10.10) and iOS 8.4.

July 2015: The well-know Mac commentator David Sparks spoke about Apple’s new Photos app. David is the producer of Photos - The  Video Field Guide, as well as an interesting web site-based commentary on the Mac (macsparky.com/photos/).     

June 2015: Our own Mac expert, Rick Thues, discussed iCloud and Apple ID in depth.  He explained the advantages of using iCloud - or any competing cloud storage service - to store your data - and your pictures.

May 2015: Adam Christianson, from the Maccast website and podcast, gave a very interesting presentation entitled  “Podcasting 101” - how to set up and run a podcast."