SMOG Officially Closes Down

At the SMOG meeting on September 8, 2018, a Board resolution was introduced to close down the organization permanently.  This resoution came about because the organization lost its meeting place at Creative Resources, and also because the Program VP stepped down and the Secretary/Treasurer was planning to step down at the end of the year.

Since there was no solution forthcoming for all of these issues, the Board drafted a dissolution resolution that was voted on by the members present.  It was approved by a vote greater than the required 2/3 of those present.

So, reluctantly, SMOG is no more.  The Board will take the required steps to close out the 501-c3 charitable organization, and this in turn requires the Board to donate all funds on hand to other charities.  Suitable charities have been identified, and within the next month the funds will be donated.

Several members expressed interest in possibly continuing in a limited form as an informal group that would meet to share ideas and experiences around the Apple universe.  If you are interested in participating in that, you can contact our outgoing membership chairperson, Karen Dennis, at

The members present reminisced about many years of fun and value that they had received from SMOG.  In particular, credit was given to the people who perhaps have had the greatest impact on SMOG in the last 5+ years, namely Devin King, Elaine Stannard and Rick Thues.  Without these individuals, SMOG would never have been the incredible benefit that it has been over the years.

The Board would like to thank each of you for your input and participation over the years.  SMOG has indeed been fun and valuable, but all things come to an end and now seems the right time for SMOG to close for good.


Peter Kallinger     Tom Mills     Lloyd Stockwell     Karen Dennis     Stuart Borden